Partnering with Online Providers of Workers' Compensation Massage Therapists

31 Jan

Got hurt at work? You can claim your prescribed licensed massage therapy benefit in-home under your workers compensation claim! You can then find a massage therapist who will accept workers compensation insurance and demand zero out-of-pocket co-pays. Definitely, they must also be registered with the U.S.Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) and be experienced working with several local governments  as well as private insurers and care management networks.

As you might realize, however, finding the right workers' comp massage therapist may not be that simple a job. That's why you should consider seeking the help of an online network that is dedicated to injured workers in need of massage therapists under a workers' compensation claim. The right network will not only hook you up with the right therapist, but will also take care of all the administrative responsibilities, like authorizations and pre-qualifications. RFead more about workers compensation massage here.

On top of recognizing workers compensation insurance for massage, your provider has to give you licensed injury massage therapy at a time and in a location of your choice (this is home in most cases).

Worker Injury Massage Treatments

Each session of in-home massage therapy often go for about two hours. Therapists can work a whole range of mild to severe injuries of the neck, back, shoulder or wrist; headaches; and other soft tissue strains and spasms. Treatments can include standard massage, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy with or without myofascial release, and simple stretching. Know more about workers compensation massage now.

Why Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is popular around the world as an effective mode of physical medicine for the full rehabilitation of injured individuals. In certain cases, it can be used as a natural pain reliever. Massage not just helps the directly affected areas, but it can help bring holistic healing by helping the body go back to its natural state of balance and well being. This makes massage a great complement to chiropractic therapy, physical therapy and the rest. Typically, your insurance benefits will let you receive such therapies alongside massage when recommended by an expert.

If you partner with a good online massage therapist provider, you can ensure that you will have a therapist who is just right for you, instead of just anybody who happens to be free. Everywhere, there are many therapists who love doing their job, so if you end up with someone you don't really like, your provider can always find someone who may finally turn out to be perfect for you. As an alternative, you may also have your own therapist - as long as he or she is properly qualified and insured - sign up with your provider so they can work under the network's authority. Learn more about chiropractic by visiting

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